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Blog Rules:
1. - Topic is Iran. Not Moonlanding or The Matrix.  
2. - 這是難讀嗎? 因此,讓我們用英文寫!
3. - No explicit lyrics please. Our kids can read.  
4. - Spam on your own website. We will help you.  
5.a - Personal attacks could harm your »Post« button. 
5.b - NO JOKES on religions - only on sects and preachers of hate  
5.c - Mocking and Scornful and Racist Terms is seen as Insult  
5.d - think before post a sketch about persons of public interest - could be deleted  
6. - »All human beings are born free and equal ...«  
7. - Expect the moderators. Respect the moderators.   

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This Page will post various views and tweets - a posting here does not imply that it reflects our position - this page is for Information and views ppl posted here are the view of the ones posting it

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